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How Line Calls Work in Pickleball? | Pickleball Line Call Rules

Pickleball is an exhilarating sport characterized by its high speed and dynamic nature. As with any competitive sport, accuracy in line calls is essential to maintain fairness and integrity in the game. Therefore, understanding how line calls work in pickleball is very important for every player.

Pickleball Line Call

I will explore the details of how line call rules work in pickleball in the following blog post. By thoroughly reading it, players have a complete understanding of the rules and guidelines surrounding this aspect of the game.

Understanding Line Calls

When deciding whether a shot counts as being in or outside of the bounds, line calls in pickleball play a crucial role. Accurate line calls ensure fair gameplay and prevent disputes between players. Line calls affect the outcome of a rally. Players rely on line calls to make tactical choices and modify their gameplay accordingly.

Different Types of Line Calls

In pickleball, there are primarily two types of line calls: in and out. The ball is deemed in when it touches down inside the court’s perimeter. On the other hand, if the ball lands down outside the marked lines, it is called out.

Tools and Techniques for Accurate Line Calls

To ensure accurate line calls, players can utilize various tools and techniques. Let’s explore the role of line judges and the use of sideline and baseline markers in the process of how line calls work in pickleball.

1.   Role of the Line Judge

Role of Line Judge

2.   Using the Sideline and Baseline

The sideline and baseline markers serve as reference points for line calls. Players should pay close attention to these markers and compare the ball’s landing position relative to the lines. This visual reference can help make more informed line calls.

Common Scenarios in Line Calls

Certain situations in pickleball require particular attention when it comes to pickleball line call rules. Let’s explore three common scenarios in line calls.

pickleball line call rules

1.   Ball Landing In or Out

Determining whether the ball has landed in or out can sometimes be challenging, especially in narrow escapes. Players must carefully observe the ball’s contact with the ground and make an immediate call. Whenever there is a question, the ball should be considered in.

2.   Double Bounce Rule

The double bounce rule in pickleball mandates that each team ensure that the ball has a single bounce on either side before attempting to volley it. Players should be mindful of this rule and make line calls accordingly. Any violation should be called out.

3.   Foot Faults

Foot faults happen when a player’s foot makes contact with the non-volley zone, also known as the kitchen, while executing a volley with the ball. It is essential to pay attention to players’ foot positioning during line calls.

Technology in Line Calls

Advancements in technology have introduced new methods to aid line calls in pickleball. Let’s explore two popular technological tools:

Technology in Line Calls


Understanding how line calls work in pickleball is crucial for players to engage in fair and enjoyable gameplay. By adhering to the guidelines, utilizing appropriate tools and techniques, and maintaining a spirit of honesty and sportsmanship, players can ensure accurate line calls and uphold the integrity of the sport.

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