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Best Pickleball Shoes-Complete Reviews & Buying Guide

Pickleball is one of the rapidly growing sports in the USA. Everyone from adult to old love this fun sport. Due to the sport’s popularity, demands for pickleball products are also increased dramatically. 

Asides, big investors start constructed pickleball clubs to provide facilities everywhere to the players. That’s how this entertaining sport that originates with badminton and tennis brings small and large businesses as well.

It does not matter whether you are playing cricket, football, hockey, badminton, tennis, or pickleball, grip on the playing surface is vital for stability. Therefore, the best pickleball shoes are essential to dominate the game on the court.

While playing pickleball one needs a sharp moment around the court to hit the ball. Therefore, shoes should be stable, moisture-free, and provides enough traction. Furthermore, the inner and midsole should be soft to keep the ankle and toe safe.

I am a veteran pickleball player and use plenty of pickleball shoes on the courts. Some of them were exceptional and helped me a lot in boosting my games while some others were ordinary. I picked all those efficient shoes to compose this list of the best pickleball shoes in 2022. 

We are confident you surely able to find top-notch pickleball shoes after going through this review. Just drop down and read the article carefully before selecting one for you.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe Department

Aruba Blue
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backpac Skechers Men’s Viper Court-Athletic Indoor Outdoor Pickleball Shoes Department 

Check Price
backpac New Balance Men’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

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backpac New Balance Men’s 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer Department 

Check Price
backpac Ryka Women’s Vida RZX


‎Black/Ryka Pink/Lime Blaze
Check Price
backpac WILSON Men’s Rush Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoes



Product Dimensions
12.83 x 8.7 x 4.49 inches
Check Price
backpac ASICS Men’s Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes


Product Dimensions
12.71 x 7.87 x 4.8 inches
Check Price
backpac FILA Womens Double Bounce White/ Material


Item Package Dimensions
‎9.21 x 7.4 x 4.17 inches
Check Price
backpac K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe


Check Price
backpac Wilson RUSH PRO 2.5 2019 Pickleball Shoes


Package Dimensions

12.4 x 7.6 x 4.5 inches
Check Price

1-K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoe:

It does not matter what kind of shoes you are looking for, K-Swiss will bring them. K-Swiss is providing quality shoes for more than half a century. My experience with K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball shoes was exceptional. It gives one absolute comfort in the court that not too many shoes provide. A good thing about this product is that it is specifically designed for pickleball.

K-Swiss Women's Express Light Pickleball Shoe

This reliable shoe is way softer than your expectations. Along with a high-density outsole, its rubber sole ensures a better grip and prevents slipping. Additionally, these shoes are fully water and oil resistive. 

It comes with a fantastic DURAWRAP technology that superbly controls toe-dragging. Moreover, the rubber lining throughout the whole shoe creates a durable protective layer to make the shoe durable. 

Asides from comfort, most pickleball players are looking for traction and lateral stability in pickleball shoes. This perfectly crafted shoe uses a responsive tread pattern and stiff low structure to enhance traction and lateral stability while moving quickly.

The most significant feature of these top-rated pickleball shoes is the plantar support chassis. These chassis save players from dangerous plantar fasciitis, the most common heel disease. 

Furthermore, a unique open-structured OrthoLite foam keeps the shoe moisture-free to give ultimate comfort to the foot. Surely, this 100% synthetic shoe is a master class from K-Swiss that provides everything one needs.

Key Features:

  • 180-degree plantar support chassis
  • DuraWrap technology
  • Fully synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Responsive tread pattern

2-Skechers Court-Athletic Pickleball Shoes:

The second on our list of the best pickleball shoes is Skechers Court-Athletic Pickleball Shoe. These versatile pickleball ball shoes are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. I have been wearing these lace-up shoes for almost six months.

Skechers Men's Viper Court-Athletic Pickleball Shoes

Initially, it was a bit stiff and tight to my foot mainly due to the wrong size selection. However, after a couple of weeks, it fit me because of outsole flexibility. So, while ordering this pair or any other just ensures you are picking the right size, otherwise you may face some issues.

The use of quality leather in this imported pickleball shoe not only makes it durable but also provides extra comfort. I never feel stretching or pain while wearing these best pickleball shoes for flat feet.

These good-looking pickleball shoes come with Goodyear rubber outsoles that provide great traction and lateral stability. Moreover, a smooth tread pattern beneath delivers a firm grip and avoids slipping. These lightweight and comfortable pickleball shoes are often seen in large tournaments.

These podiatrist-designed pickleball shoes dried up quickly to keep the inner surface sweat-free and breathable. Asides from pickleball, these shoes are suitable for tennis, volleyball, badminton, walking, running, gym, lifting, etc. 

Therefore, rather than wasting money on various shoes for each activity. Just purchase these high-performing shoes once. These economical shoes are perfect to lift the game up to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and durable outsole
  • Versatile shoes
  • Economical
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive tread pattern

3-New Balance V1 Tennis Shoe:

Here are another cozy pair of shoes from one of the most exciting brands New Balance. These best pickleball shoes for wide feet are exceptional in on-court stability and control. While using these shoes I hardly slip a couple of time on the court, otherwise, their grip on the playing surface are unbelievable.

Top rated pickleball shoes

The use of 90% leather material in the manufacturing of these premium shoes makes them durable. Moreover, these New Balance shoes provide an ultimate feel due to their soft and reliable rubber sole. The rubber sole made these shoes waterproof and liquid resistant. No doubt, these are the best outdoor shoes for pickleball.

Furthermore, these imported pickleball shoes come with exclusive ROLLBAR technology to keep your shoes stable. That’s why many players love this extraordinary pair of shoes.

Besides, the herringbone-pattern outside adds extra traction. So, you can do lateral movements freely with these good-looking comfortable shoes. Most Importantly, these lightning-dry shoes are 100% moisture-free. Overall, these shoes are good at the price.

Key Features:

  • 90% leather
  • Rollbar Technology
  • 100% moisture-free
  • Durable
  • Provide traction

4-New Balance 623 V3 Casual Comfort Shoes:

After a wonderful experience with New Balance V1, I decided to go with another New Balance product. New Balance V3 Casual Comfort shoes are more comfortable and stable than many others products of the same price tag. These unique-shaped attractive shoes are designed perfectly for both indoor and outdoor activities.

New Balance Men's 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

These best pickleball shoes have 10 mm drop heels that allow athletes to move sharply without tiring. Moreover, the superb control and stability ensure the excellent grip of the shoes on the playing surface. To enhance stability and comfort in these 100% leather shoes, there are EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) footbed foam and Injection-molded EVA midsole foam.

These reliable foams provide flexible cushioning and also avoid foot slips. Furthermore, these lightweight imported best-rated pickleball shoes include an internal midsole shank that supports the midfoot and plays a key role against heel and knee injuries.

The one thing I find in this low-structure shoe is smooth traction while quick lateral movements. It is available in various colors, so one can pick the right color according to his taste and enjoy the ultimate pickleball experience. The favorite-colored shoe surely boosts the player’s mood as well.

There is an efficient rubber sole to keep the shoe waterproof and oil-resistant. These most flexible, reliable, and efficient shoes are simply superb for pickleball. Surely, you will also love this phenomenal pair of shoes.

Key Features:

  • EVA footbed foam cushioning
  • 100% Leather
  • Smooth traction
  • Efficient rubber sole
  • Comfortable and stabe

5-Ryka Women’s Vida RZX:

Ryka Women’s Vida RZX is specially designed for women. These are rare quality shoes for women’s feet. These stylish multi-colored shoes look gorgeous at the very first look. Most women’s athletes love these unique-designed adventurous shoes because of their comfort. 

Ryka Women's Vida RZX

The high-quality rubber sole makes these pickleball shoes for women in 2022 simply magnificent. The rubber sole provides slip-resistant and ensures a hefty grip on the pickleball court. So, one can do the sharp lateral movement without any fear of foot slipping or any kind of knee, ankle, or heel injury.

It does not matter, what indoor or outdoor sport you are playing. These versatile shoes are notable for sportswomen. The specialty of these shoes is the 0.75” heel that usually missing in all other sports shoes. Furthermore, there is a breathable mesh with supportive synthetic overlays that keep the foot cool and dry in all weather conditions.

For women, these imported and lightweight shoes are no less than a diamond in the shoe world. The perfect combination of rubber outsole pivot point and flexible grooves ensure unlimited stability and smooth landing. These economical pickleball shoes are available in various attractive colors.

The one thing you need to keep in mind while ordering shoes is size. Just make sure you are ordering the right shoes according to your feet, otherwise, you may feel discomfort while running.

Key Features:

  • Imported or the USA made
  • Rubber sole
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Stylish
  • It comes with a 0.75” heel

6-WILSON Men’s Rush Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoes

No list of any sports product can complete without Wilson, this sports brand always introduces exciting products to the market Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoes are one of them. These best tennis shoes for pickleball include all the features that are essential for pickleball shoes.

Outdoor shoes for pickleball

These durable imported shoes add a 4D support chassis to limit foot torsion and supination. If you have any orthopedic issues or you are injury conscious then this reliable pair of shoes is perfect for you. Furthermore, these shoes incredibly control the pivot movements while playing powerful smashes. So, these quality pickleball shoes always keep your foot stable and relaxed.

Asides from superb stability, another reason to love these shoes is comfort. The perfectly crafted engineered mesh allows maximum breathability to keep your foot moisture or sweat-free. Moreover, this mesh also enhances the flexibility of the shoes.

I have many pickleball shoes but usually, I use Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 for large pickleball games. Because these best pickleball shoes give me an ultimate feel without any heel pain or tiredness. So, if you are looking for comfort and stability in pickleball shoes then these are made for you.

The use of DF2 (Heel Drop 9 mm) added comfort to the shoes while providing cushioned court feel. The DF2 shift most of the impact load to the hips and knees from the heel. Moreover, there is a rubber drag pad supply that not only enhances the durability of the shoes but also provides protection against foot-dragging.

Key Features:

  • 4D support chassis
  • Engineered mesh
  • DF2
  • Comfortable
  • Durable and stable

7-ASICS Men’s Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes:

Now we are down to another promising brand ASICS, this fascinating brand has a long history of producing quality products. The most important thing about these ASICS Gel-Renma Pickleball Shoes is the price. If you are looking for the best pickleball shoes for men in 2022 then these economical shoes sound well.

ASICS Men's Gel-RENMA Pickleball Shoes

These soft, reliable, and flexible shoes come with amazing forefoot-gel technology to ensure smooth landings. Actually, this phenomenal technology increases impact absorption and provides a comfortable landing without any slip. Furthermore, Its more falter shape than other shoes helps to enhance the traction as well.

The Trusstic technology is a specialty of the ASICS and most of its shoes feature this. The Trusstic system controls excessive shoe twisting and gives stability. These best pickleball shoes for flat feet are often seen in large tournaments of pickleball, tennis, and badminton because of their strength and comfort.

Moreover, there is a perfect combo of wrap-up outsole and wider gauge to bring more stability while lateral movements. Asides, the outsole flex grooves provide exceptional control during sharp and abrupt uneven movements. So, one can smash the ball from any direction without losing their foot balance.

The players are usually concerned about injuries, therefore they always prefer top-rated pickleball shoes that keep them safe. These ASICS shoes are designed to reduce the chances of severe diseases like Shin splints, plantar fasciitis, bunions, heel spurs, etc. That’s why I recommend these flexible and safe shoes for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities.

Key Features:

  • Forefoot-gel technology
  • Outsole flex grooves
  • Incredible stability
  • Protection against dangerous diseases
  • Trusstic system
  • Versatility

8-FILA Double Bounce Pickleball Shoes:

When it comes to double bounce shoes, no one can beat FILA, it is actually the founder of double bounce shoes. That’s why FILA designers know well how to produce perfect double-bounce shoes. The question is, What are double-bounce shoes, and what is their advantage?

FILA Womens Double Bounce Pickleball Shoes

The forefront of double-bounce shoes is featured with the pivot areas and they add traction to the shoes. Furthermore, these pivot areas include upper mesh panels to enhance breathability. Therefore, these shoes not only help in lateral movements but also keeps your foot moisture-free and calm.

This vintage-inspired shoe looks unique and simple in shape. It gives an outstanding classic look to the athletes and boosts their minds. Yes, these FILA shoes are classic in shape, however, these are modern in features.

Importantly, these best pickleball shoes are specifically designed for pickleball. Therefore, these are manufactured for maximum stability and control. Additionally, these top-notch shoes are more efficient than other ones in the same range. 

Remember that these economical shoes are made for women’s feet. So, if you are a male then these are not recommended for you at all. However, kids or adults having soft feet can use these FILA shoes. These pickleball shoes for women in 2022 surely boost their game to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Double-bounce shoes
  • Perfect for women
  • Breathable mesh
  • 100% synthetic
  • Lightweight
  • Classic stylings

9-K-Swiss Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe:

Here is another exciting product from K-Swiss, this Men’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe is just a complete sports shoe. These imported exceptional pair of shoes provides everything to the athletes. These best pickleball shoes for wide feet are comfortable and provide stability on the court.

Best pickleball shoes for flat feet

These mighty shoes come with AOSTA 7.0 rubber compound that makes these shoes durable from heel to toe. I am almost playing with these best pickleball shoes for almost 6 months but these shoes still look fresh. These gorgeous reliable shoes keep my foot stable even in harsh playing conditions.

As you know, toe-dragging is one of the main issues players often face while picking up the front ball. Luckily, K-Swiss Express Light Shoes are designed with DURAWRAP technology that provides defense against toe-dragging. So, you can improve your game and stun your opponent.

Another fascinating feature of these shoes is the 180-degree thermal plastic plantar support chassis. This support chassis increases mid-foot stability and eliminates the chances of plantar fasciitis. Moreover, for abrasion resistance manufacturer placed DRAGGUARD in both high wear areas of the toe and heel.

Furthermore, the proper moisture management system keeps your foot dry, clean, and healthy. Surely, these lightweight and flexible imported shoes make your pickleball day special.

Key Features:

  • Resistive against toe-dragging
  • Plantar support chassis
  • OrthoLite foam
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
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10-Wilson RUSH PRO 2.5 Pickleball Shoes:

Last but not least on our list is Wilson Rush Pro 2.5. These Pickleball Shoes provide extra comfort and stability to the athletes. Before moving toward its features keep in mind this shoe is not water resistant at all. That’s the only reason we enlist this product at the final position.

Wilson RUSH PRO 2.5 2019 Pickleball Shoes

It is designed perfectly to maintain shoe balance and ensure comfort in all playing conditions. These shoes featured a minimally layered upper to enhance foot support. Moreover, these best-rated pickleball shoes come with optimal low-to-ground 6mm drop. Therefore, they always give a safe landing without skidding.

The responsive tread pattern of Wilson 3D-FS increases the response time and provides unparalleled support. One thing I noticed in these shoes is flexibility and stiffness. The EndoFit gives full inner sock construction to enhance stability and comfort. According to personal experience, these shoes are stable and more comfortable than others in the same price range.

Furthermore, these best tennis shoes for pickleball are budget-friendly as well. If you play pickleball on the indoor court then these shoes are made for you. To give torsion control and stability there is arch technology pro torque chassis.

Key Features:

  • Pro torque chassis
  • 6mm drop
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Full inner sock construction
  • Responsive tread pattern

Why Pickleball Shoes Should be Top-Notch:

Fitness is essential for athletes in all sports to boost their game. Yes, a top-quality pickleball paddle plays an important role to dominate the game. But while playing pickleball, there must be a strong balance and firm base. The quality pickleball shoes provide a strong base and stability to your whole body.

Moreover, the high-quality pickleball shoes prevent players from severe side strains, and other dangerous knee and heel injuries. So, one can move safely on the court to counter the opponent with good shoes. 

Asides, the best pickleball shoes give a safe and comfortable landing. They also keep your foot dry and calm. Contrastingly, low-quality shoes do not provide stability and comfort to the foot. Furthermore, there is always a risk of injuries with poor shoes. Therefore, pickleball shoes are indispensable for players to stay healthy and improve their game.

Best Pickleball Shoes Buying Guide:

After reading the above paragraph, you will aware of the importance of top-class pickleball shoes. Now it is a big question, how we can select good pickleball shoes? There are some key features that you need to keep in mind while buying a pair of pickleball shoes. 

Shoes Weight:

The heavier shoes do not mean quality ones, so there is no need to carry the extra load while running. The shoe weight varies from 6 ounces to 13 ounces. The shoes heavier than 10 ounces put an extra burden on the foot and cause fatigue. Especially, for a long pickleball game, heavier shoes are not recommended if your body weight is low.

According to my experience, it’s better to purchase shoes around 8 to 9 ounces. However, if you are healthy and strong then a bit heavy shoes are better for stability and balance. So, just pick the right weight according to your physique. 

Shoes Sole:

Shoe soles actually represent how comfortable, flexible, and durable are the shoes. Usually, sports shoes come with Leather, PU, PVC, EVA, or Rubber soles. All the materials have their own specifications and have been used in shoes for a number of years. For casual use, you can buy any sole material shoes.

However, for sports activities PU, EVA, and Leather shoes are perfect. All these materials are water-resistant, durable, and breathable. Furthermore, these soles provide comfort, and stability as well. So, it is good to buy pickleball shoes made with PU, EVA, or Leather sole material. 


Many athletes find discomfort while wearing shoes because of the wrong size selection. The perfect size selection is indispensable for comfort and stability. Otherwise, you can not move freely with the incorrect size. Therefore, measure the right foot size before placing your order.


Some people think only expensive shoes are quality ones. To some extent, yes high-price shoes are durable and flexible. But the price does not reflect the worth of the shoes. Actually, the shoe material, sole material, comfort, and other features like breathability, moisture-free, and shoe technology represent how good the shoes are.

So, aside from looking at expensive shoes, just pick the budget-friendly shoes with all essential sports shoe features. All the shoes on our list of the best pickleball shoes in 2022 are economical and top-notch. Just order one of them and enjoy the ultimate pickleball experience.

Injury Prevention:

In all sports, injuries are the main concern for athletes. In pickleball, we often see knee and heel injuries that cause some serious problems. There are shoes that come with special technologies like DURAWRAP, Rollbar, or Trusstic to make the shoes more stable, and safe.

Moreover, these shoes increase the response time to provide a safe landing. Therefore, rather than wasting money on low-quality shoes purchase top-brand pickleball shoes that prevent players from being injured.


The last important thing you need to ensure while buying pickleball shoes is durability. As mentioned earlier shoes’ inner and outer soles should be top-quality material. Along with that shoes should be stitched finely and properly. The combination of both material and sharp clean stitching enhances the quality of the shoes.

So, before purchasing any pair of shoes ensure their durability and flexibility. The durable shoes will last long without losing their structure and stability.

After going through this buying guide, you have a clear picture what are the best shoes for pickleball.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor shoes?

There are very commonly asked questions. Can we use the same shoes for both indoor and outdoor sports? Are indoor shoes equally useful for outdoor activities as well? Or what’s the difference between indoor and outdoor shoes? The answer to all the above questions is not straightforward. 

Yes, some shoes are for both indoor and outdoor sports and some of them are only good for either indoor or outdoor. Usually, indoor courts are made of wood or PVC and are more slippery than outdoor courts. That’s why you need more stability like volleyball or basketball shoes. 

On the other hand, outdoor courts are made with concrete, asphalt, or polymeric rubber crumb. Such courts are less slippery and provide extra grip while landing. For outdoors, tennis shoes are the right option they are water-resistant and withstand harsh conditions. 

But in today’s era, some top-class brands design modern shoes that are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. In our list, most of the shoes are versatile and can be used for all sports. 

Effects of Playing Style on Pickleball Shoes:

Each player has a different playing style and its impact on your body differently. As a result, the force on the foot and shoes in each case varies. If you are playing pickleball just for a fun and do not make quick lateral movements, then simple pickleball shoes with quality soles are good.

However, if you are professional and usually play large games. The baseline playing style needs a lot of lateral movements to play long shots. Especially, while playing the ball away from your body, body weight is on your foot. So, for this playing style, you have more stable, and flexible shoes that are specially designed for lateral movements.

On the other hand, if you are always on the net and smash the ball hardly almost on your toes or drag towards the ball to play shots. Suck kind of game, players should have strong shoes with reinforced toecaps. Normal running shoes will be torn quickly after a few games. So, order the shoes wisely according to your playing style and playing conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you wear running shoes for Pickleball?

The simple answer to this question is “NO”. Running shoes are designed for linear stability while landing and support heels and toes to withstand body weight. Moreover, running shoes also have responsive traction and a firm grip to avoid slipping.

But for pickleball, shoes that can provide sharp lateral movements are essential. Therefore, it is better to have quality pickleball shoes that are made for pickleball.

How long do pickleball shoes last?

There is no certain time frame when the pickleball shoes start tearing, it depends on how you use pickleball shoes, and how much you play pickleball daily. If you take care of your pickleball shoes and play for almost one hour daily. Then good pickleball shoes will last for about 6 months.

Can you wear tennis shoes for Pickleball?

The Pickleball paddle is actually a combination of tennis and badminton. That’s why some tennis tools are useful in pickleball as well, tennis shoes are one of them. Make sure, only use tennis shoes that come with a good tread pattern for playing pickleball.

What are the best shoes for pickleball?

After using a lot of pickleball shoes in the last 3 years, I composed this list of the best pickleball shoes. That’s why I am confident all the shoes on our list are top-quality. But for making it more simple, I mentioned a couple of shoes below that are my favorite.

  • WILSON Men’s Rush Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoes
  • K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoe

Bottom Line:

After going through this blog, surely you have enough idea about the best pickleball shoes. In the end, I would wrap up this just by saying just look at the shoe features like comfort, mid and outsole material and flexibility, tread pattern, toe dragging, and most importantly shoe technology. 

Moreover, ensure whether the particular shoes are good enough to prevent dangerous heel and knee injuries. While composing this list, we already check all the specifications of the shoes by testing all of them in various playing conditions. So, just order any of them without bothering about their quality and durability.

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