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How To Play Pickleball?-Complete Steps

Pickleball is not an easy game to play but the best one if you want to get into something great this season. And if you are looking for how to play pickleball? You’ve come to the right place. So, pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors as you like. It can be played by 2 players (aka singles) or 4 players (aka doubles).

Pickleball was invented in 1965. Moreover, in 2022 it became Washington’s official state sport. Meanwhile, it is now quite popular in the United States. Pickleball resembles tennis a lot. There is a 7 feet area on each side of the net (the NET is 36 inches high) called the NON-VOLLEY ZONE or the “KITCHEN”. The regular court size is 20 x 44 feet, the same as the badminton doubles court. Behind the non-volley zone, there are 2 equally divided areas known as RIGHT SERVICE AREA & LEFT SERVICE AREA.

Quite surprisingly, this game is also played by tennis players very much. It is also immensely contributing to getting in shape. Knowing you have an understanding of what is pickleball and how do you play it is our next step!

How To Play Pickleball For Beginners?

How do you play pickleball when you are a beginner? Gotcha! 

  1. In pickleball (whether singles or doubles) each player uses 1 pickleball paddle
  2. 1 pickleball ball is used in the game
  3. Please Note: The pickleball ball used for the outdoor game differ from the indoor game
  4. The game is played to 11 points win by 2

⬇See the next section for a complete understanding of playing pickleball for singles and doubles.

How To Play Pickleball Doubles?

  1. In doubles (4 players) each player has the chance to serve the ball
  2. The serving player must call their team’s score first, then the opposing team’s score
  3. The players in the right-serving court serve first
  4. If the serving team scores a point, players switch their places. This means that the first server is now in the left-serving court
  5. If the serving team loses the rally, the second player gets the chance to serve
  6. Additionally, as the serving team loses the rally for the second time, it is called a SIDEOUT and now the opponent team has 2 chances to serve

How To Play Pickleball Singles?

  1. Each player in singles (2 players) has 1 chance to serve
  2. And once the player loses the rally, it is a SIDEOUT
  3. In singles, it is important to keep track of the serving court you are serving from
  4. If your score is an even number, you must be serving from the right-serving court. On the other hand, if our score is an odd number, it means that you must be serving from the left-serving court

Can Pickleball Be Played By 3 Players?


Pickleball is a good game that makes your reflexes better. Doubles & Singles are usually played and are very common in many countries. But what if there are 3 players? Most often the rules have been asked about how to play pickleball with 3 players. Well, here are the rules:

  1. In triple-player pickleball, 2 players will be on one side and 1 on the other
  2. Each server will call the scores first their team then the opponent
  3. If the score is an even number, the server serves from the right-serving court
  4. If the score is an odd number, the server serves from the left-serving court

Other basic rules are the same as singles and doubles.

Who Can Play Pickleball & What Are The Benefits?

Whether you are an athlete or a non-athlete, this game is perfect for you if you are looking for health benefits or just wanna practice something new. Additionally, people like me who run from daily exercise routines can play this game because it is fun and you’ll enjoy just working out. So, no negative point so far. Also, you spend more time loving and playing the game with your friends.

So, cut your chitchat a little and spend more time in the game and you are going to thank me later. You socialize by playing a game like a pickleball helps battle dejection and lift your state of mind.


This game makes you super active and increases your working capacity and you feel livelier. Pickleball is beneficial psychologically and physically as it allows you to enhance your thinking by plotting various pickleball strategies. But wait there’s more….

Playing pickleball and other racket sports assists with dexterity. This is the kind of thing that as we age is significant since it is expected for the majority of everyday exercises like eating or driving. These activities additionally assist with balance which is in danger with age, however fundamental to keep up to assist with staying away from falls. The weight you lose from pickleball for individuals who are attempting to get more fit with practice is somewhere close to badminton and tennis.

Running around a pickleball court gets your heart siphoning, which lifts the bloodstream to the cerebrum. This builds the stock of oxygen, glucose, and supplements to the organ between your ears, upgrading your well-being. Specifically, heart-beating exercise supports the bloodstream to the prefrontal cortex (PFC), a region of the cerebrum engaged with consideration, arranging, and impulse control. A better PFC implies better concentration, decision-making, and seeing everything through to completion. Ordinarily, these qualities amount to a more joyful, seriously satisfying life. 

So, if you don’t know how to play pickleball, see the HOW TO PLAY PICKLEBALL FOR BEGINNERS section and you’re all covered. 

Pickleball Gear 

1- Pickleball Paddle 

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while selecting a pickleball paddle. For example, shape, size, grip, and weight.

– Weight

Now starting with the weight, pickleball paddles weigh somewhere around 6 to 14 ounces. Heavier paddles can cause strain to your elbow but give you more drive than the lighter ones. However, the lighter paddles give more control. So, if you are looking for a great paddle, it depends totally on your strength. If you build more strength, paddles are no longer heavier. 

– Size & Grip 

Size and grip also play a part in the game. Better gear increases your efficiency. A longer grip provides ease and stability. For example, consider playing like a free player with more control. In short, the grip size must properly sit in your hands. Shorter grip sizes can cause the paddle to slip from your hands. 

Also, the paddle itself should not be very long and less wide. There must be a considerable sweet spot to the ball and a perfect surface area to hit. Therefore, professionals recommend a pickleball paddle with a great sweet spot. On the other hand, jumping while playing is less with the longer paddles. It helps especially people with foot injuries or so. 

– Material 

Pickleball paddle comes in 3 popular materials. Wood, graphite, or composite. Composite paddles are known for the highest quality because they are made up of fiberglass or carbon fiber you can say. These paddles are more expensive than the wooden ones but less than the graphite paddle. Meanwhile, Graphite paddles are the most expensive ones but are made to provide a better gaming experience. If you want to choose the best paddles, know that players argue between the graphite and the composite ones. On the other hand, wooden paddles are the most economical option and are heavier ones. I do not recommend wooden paddles for beginners. Wooden paddles are made for more challenging play. 


Unlike tennis, the ball used in pickleball is much lighter and can handle air very well because it has holes in it. It is also known as WIFFLE BALL. 

Ball as I said earlier varies according to the play. A ball that players use for indoor games is different from outdoor play. 

3- Net 

I mean how is there any joy in playing without a net? The Pickleball net is an essential part if the game as it separates both sides from each other. It plays a crucial part in scoring and the whole play itself. The net is 34 inches high.

PORTABLE nets are very much in demand and highly recommended. 


People of all ages can enjoy this game, especially most beginners who are new to the game and training themselves in the middle of holidays when they have nothing to do.

You probably won’t have a partner; however, you can in any case play as though you have one. For example, you direct the ball to arrive in the no-volley zone before your rival moves toward the net. Along these lines, you get to dial them back, consequently checking their control over you. It’s a shrewd move to pull particularly if you notice your rival is undeniably more experienced/strong than you had envisioned.

Also, make sure to control your speed whenever you’re going for a smash, so that it doesn’t throw you into the no-volley zones. Furthermore, you can do this by rehearsing and dominating the jump stop. Moreover, the health benefits are exceptional.

As mentioned above how to play pickleball is entertaining. If you need to play expertly, then you need to dominate the standard of play. Get to figure out the guidelines, serves, and scoring choices.

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