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Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles

During covid-19 restrictions, there has been a drastic increase in indoor game demand in the past years. Many of us looked for suitable alternatives. A perfect alternative you can enjoy playing with your family indoors is playing pickleball paddle. Now the question stands out What are the Best Pickleball Paddles on the market? For this, you must consider the edge guard, face, frame, throat, handle, grip tape, but-cap, graphics, and core of the paddles.

Intermediate and professional players enjoy this game with elongated pickleball paddles. And for this reason, we bring you 08 Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles & Reviews that will allow you to have contemporary information on the topic. After reading this article, there will be no reason left that you should look for any information regarding this topic anywhere else.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Elongated Pickleball Paddles?


  • They have the tendency to generate more power due to their tighter sweat spots
  • Allows you extended reach while playing your shots.
  • A perfect match for professional and skilled players
  • With less width and greater length, they are considered to be the best-suited option for players


  • Sweat spots can be tough on players as they come in long and narrow.
  • Adjusting from a wide-body paddle to a narrow paddle might cause some hindrance
  • They are challenging when it comes to controlling your paddles
  • They are a bit pricey, but in the end, the price tag attached to them is according to their specifications

We have reviewed these elongated pickleball paddles for professionals for over a year. And to our surprise, we have encountered tons of features and specifications that need to be considered. And to our dismay, we never considered those crucial factors in obtaining a pickleball paddle. These different characteristics and the technology used in manufacturing them simultaneously make them a perfect option for beginner, intermediate, and professional players.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Gearbox CX11Q Control – Purple – 7.8oz Pickleball Paddle Material
 Carbon Fiber


Item Package Dimensions
‎16.06 x 8.86 x 1.38 inches

Check Price
backpac Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle Material
Polypropylene, Fiberglass

Amethyst Purple
Check Price
backpac Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro Pickleball Paddle
‎AURORA (Purple)

Item Dimensions
‎15.5 x 8.25 x 1.75 inches
Check Price
backpac Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Pickleball Paddle Material


Item Package Dimensions
‎16 x 7.5 x 0.7 inches
Check Price
backpac Gearbox CX14H – Red – 8.0oz Pickleball Paddle Material
Carbon Fiber

Check Price
backpac Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid Polypropylene Pickleball Paddles
‎Hybrid Red (Midweight)

Item Package Dimensions
‎15.98 x 12.71 x 1.85 inches

Check Price
backpac ONIX Summit C1



Item Dimensions
‎7.5 x 1 x 15.5 inches

Check Price
backpac Vulcan V550 Pickleball Paddle  Material


Item Dimensions
‎1 x 1 x 1 inches

Check Price

1-Gearbox CX11Q Control Pickleball Paddle

The first pickleball paddle that is in our consideration was Gearbox CX11Q. We have witnessed a lot of players complaining about the heat and delamination of paddles. For those unaware of the delamination process, let us tell you that it is a failure mode of material that fractures into layers. Playing with this paddle, you can enjoy your game without considering soft spots, heat, and curing of the frame along with the face.

Gearbox CX11Q Control - Purple - 7.8oz Pickleball Paddle

These paddles are constructed using SST technology, creating a mystery molding process for high-strength carbon fiber materials. Thanks to this technology, players can enjoy the overall sound and feel of the paddles with an enormous sweet spot and slim, aerodynamic frame for a long-lasting game.

The overall construction of the paddles offers a ribbed core with patented carbon fiber chambers. Its one-piece construction allows both intermediary and professional players to enjoy their game. Apart from the core, there is an added torsion control that enhances the durability of the paddle. This will provide you with a feel that is lacking in most of the pickleball paddles that we have tested so far.

Apart from that, the thickness of the paddles deepens by 11 mm. At this thickness, you will enjoy the frame and its ability to provide you with the sturdiness for making accurate shorts.

In the end, let us provide you with the dimensions of the paddle and overall weight that will make you fall for this superb featured paddle for your game. It possesses ‎16.06 x 8.86 x 1.38 inches and 7.8 oz in weight, making it a lightweight option. The handle length is 4 ¾ inches, while the circumference is 3 5/8 inches. Besides, the paddle’s length is 15 7/8 inches, and the width is 8 inches.


  • 3K woven carbon fiber face finishing
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • USAPA approved
  • It gives exceptional performance
  • It comes in a warranty


  • Not found any

2-Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

This second product we have selected is based on one thing, and that is unvarying consistency. Professional players we have asked for advice said the same thing: consistency. This was the point that is lacking on most of the paddles we have witnessed so far. But not in the case of this Selkir Amped that offers both consistency and lightweight at the same time.

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

These Long Pickleball Paddles are the absolute best pickleball paddle for you. This top-of-the-line pickleball paddle power your game with its built-in FiberFlex. This feature offers a larger surface area means more control, better accuracy, and easier returns on every shot. It is engineered with a unique laminate that provides a lot of power, control, and spin for the advanced player.

Now coming on to the surface area of the paddle, which is more extensive. Allowing the players for an ideal and quick rally and serves, making it an excellent choice for players of any skill level. Moreover, these paddles are made from a lightweight, durable composite material. And there are no seams on them, and they are one solid piece of gear.

Its rotational freedom allows you to use all dynamics of your body with each stroke to generate unmatched power. Above all, players enjoy playing your game as we did that due to its unrivaled vibration damping properties and bracing system. Its larger sweating spot delivers a more comfortable grip and enhances your ability to manipulate the ball.

The shaft features a unique tubular construction that reduces weight while ensuring maximum strength and stability. The consistency of these paddles is due to the X5 honeycomb core. This consistency is due to the admittance of advanced polypropylene honeycomb technology for delivering consistent speed during the gameplay.


  • Available in many tempting colors
  • USAPA approved paddle
  • Perfect for a newbie to pro player
  • Moderate price tag
  • Great paddle for speed


  • Warranty issues

3-Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro Pickleball Paddle

This is definitely a pickleball Paddle For 2022. Our claim for this paddle is based on the experience that we have using this paddle for our gaming. A complete high-performance paddle built for power, control, and aggressive players. In addition, a paddle for advanced and beginners the same time. Why we included beginners is because of their incapability to drive the shorts. They sometimes aggressively drive the shorts when the game is not in their favor.

Paddletek Bantam Sabre Pro Pickleball Paddle

These Oversized Pickleball Paddles are designed for the demanding player looking to take their game to the next level. The soft, velvet textured surface provides a more controlled stroke and increased comfort. At the same time, the extra-long grip enables you to apply all possible force on your paddle. By doing this, you will be able to reduce the unused playing surface of the paddle.

Absorbing energy in fast games makes the Sabre Pro a daunting choice for your home court pickleball game. The aerodynamic head shape makes it one of the most potent paddles on the market. Moreover, this paddle delivers incredible control and power behind your explosive drives. An advanced high-grade polymer composite honeycomb provides support and added durability for even the most aggressive play. The front graphics of the paddles makes them an utterly decent-looking paddle for all of your pickleball fun.

The paddle weight ranges from 7.9 to 8.4 ounces, and it comes with a standard grip of 4 3/8 inches, and the total length is 16 ½ inches. The grip length of this paddle is 6 ¼ inches, the width is 7 3/8 inches, and the edge guard is 1/8 inches.


  • Well-balanced paddle
  • Durable and solid construction
  • It provides extra reach
  • Perfect for backhand shots
  • It comes in many colors


  • Sometimes it is a bit challenging to control

4-Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Parent

For all those paddlers who experienced a lot of pickleball paddles that suit them during the gameplay. This paddle is engineered to generate massive power and a smooth and consistent stroke. Unlike the Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle that produces consistency. This shaft features a high-grade polymer composite honeycomb that increases forgiveness and consistency through its perfect handle size and a long-lasting surface texture.

Long Pickleball Paddles

These Long Handle Pickleball Paddles offer a long-lasting surface texture that allows a perfect handle size, which means less movement of your hands and body. Designed with a built-in (SRT) Smart Response Technology that will keep you on track to your performance goals. Its high-grade polymer composite honeycomb increase forgiveness, consistency, and energy transfusion for the players to have a ball with competitors.

The Tempest Reign Pro features a unique 1-piece, multi-material design hand technology that is created with comfortable extra soft handle material. A perfect fit in hand, players can manage spin control, distance control, and low torque through increased mobility. Thanks to the dimensions with which it comes, those are ‎17.64 x 7.68 x 3.94 inches.

The center of gravity placement of the paddle makes it a remarkable paddle among its competitors. Playing with this paddle, all players enjoy a well-balanced and lightweight putter feature that is the specialty of this paddle. It is designed with a long handle for grip and an extra-long shaft to provide easy access at the shoulder.

We have the most positive reviews of these paddles as they are the best option for Pickleball Paddles With Long Handles. Players can now transfer their weight from the front foot to impact. The backhand shorts are designed to help prevent hand fatigue on long putts.


  • It gives you a solid feel
  • Huge sweet spot
  • It offers perfect control and touch
  • Lightweight paddle


  • Average quality plastic linear around the exterior
  • The cover is not included

5-Gearbox CX14H Pickleball Paddle

An attribute of torsion control can only be found in the Gearbox pickleball paddles. These Gearbox pickleball paddles are specifically designed to meet the needs of advanced and recreational players. As you have seen in the first product, we reviewed in this article. The CX14H Pickleball Paddle offers a premium feel and sound with a more prominent sweet spot and greater spin and torsion control.

Gearbox CX14H - Red - 8.0oz Pickleball Paddle

This CX14H from Gearbox is designed to offer premium performance and design in a lightweight package. The 3K woven carbon fiber paddle features a larger sweet spot and greater spin and torsion control. This paddle uses heavier T-700 carbon fiber piles to create a spin that starts from the SST ribbed core and builds to the paddle face.

This pickleball paddle creates spin starting from the SST ribbed core and building out to the paddle face for better ball-to-paddle contact. Its large size lies in its high surface area resulting in more incredible speed through water, enabling players to compete better with their friends on the court.

On a comparative note, this CX14H is almost half an ounce lighter than the previous pickleball paddles we reviewed in the first position. A perfect paddle for beginners and intermediates looking to tune in the edges and refine their technique. All the above, there is a slight flaw that we have noticed while playing the game with this paddle.

The flaw is that this paddle loses control over the ball. It means that the players will feel that the paddles seem to spin the ball when you compare it with GX5 especially. And due to this, the bending return off the court seems to be not matched with the attributes Gearbox is capable of delivering. As a note, we have faced these issues during the gameplay and shared them with you.


  • It gives an extra spin
  • It has more thickness than other paddles
  • Stable and Maneuverable paddle
  • USAPA approved for the tournaments
  • It gives a soft feel with excellent control


  • Slightly high price
  • Durability issues

6-Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid Polypropylene Pickleball Paddles

This is the second Selkirk pickleball paddle made into the list of the final eight we selected for you. Apart from Amped, we have reviewed this Vanguard differs in the layering of carbon fiber in its construction. Selkirk is famous for its unwavering speed and consistency. We have witnessed its ability to absorb shocks, vibrations, and yield speed.

Selkirk Vanguard Hybrid Polypropylene Pickleball Paddles

The Vanguard paddles reflect the best innovation in technology by combining both QuadCarbon technology and advanced polypropylene honeycomb technology. Now discussing its advanced polypropylene honeycomb technology with a proven track record of providing precision and durability, the QuadCarbon technology provides consistent speed to the paddles.

Moreover, QuadCarbon technology comes with two levels of carbon fiber. Unwavering speed and consistency are notable characteristics of this paddle. These paddles are designed to be used for multipurpose exercises, as well as a variety of training that allows players to enjoy the game. Further, enhance their skills in moving to the higher ranks of players.

These pickleball addles provide a long resonance time to extend your stroke. Providing twice the stiffness in all directions and creating a consistent speed for everyone on the court. In addition, it can easily replace your old one while remaining cost-effective. Here is the ultimate gift for all beginners looking for a cost-efficient paddle to boost their game and abilities.

This paddle provides twice the stiffness in all directions as other comparable paddles. The larger sweet spot allows for more power and better control during competitions.


  • Larger sweet spot
  • Moderate price tag
  • Available in catchy colors
  • Carbon-faced Vanguard Invicta Hypbrid makes it a powerful paddle


  • Not suitable for professionals
  • The graphics on the paddle rubs off

7-ONIX Summit C1

Now let us take you to the perfect graphite paddles for excellent gameplay. In the previous paddle, we found it is budget-friendly compared to the other products on the list. This lighter-weight hybrid table tennis table features a longer-reach handle and an extra reinforced composite face to suit all playing styles.

ONIX Summit C1

The C1 is a versatile, long-reach paddle that offers features similar to the table tennis racket. Now playing with it allow you to challenge even the most accomplished players. The honeycomb core and polypropylene paddles provide excellent power and playability. The long reach is achieved using the highest quality materials to ensure your shots have more power and distance than ever.

Now players can enjoy an extra spin with these paddles as they feature a composite face that allows the players to have the best playing experience. The new Onix Summit C1 paddles are an ultimate model for overall performance. As they seamlessly combine the elongated hitting surface of the original Onix with the shortened handle.

Furthermore, lengthened playing surface and longer reach give you a frame that better fits your hand. The new design was engineered especially for the stronger and bigger players. They want an expressibly powerful racket to control their strokes in all situations.


  • Low price tag
  • It gives a phenomenal spin
  • Suitable for a newbie and intermediate player
  • It has great power and control


  • Plastic construction
  • A bit short handle

8-Vulcan V550 Elongated Pickleball Paddle

Experience the unmatched power and control of a hybrid blend of power, which makes sure every shot is accurate. Coming on to this paddle from Vulcan, you will notice quite the impact from the last paddle from ONIX. The price tag is high, but the features of the paddle force us to add it to the list of best elongated pickleball paddles.

Pickleball Paddles With Long Handles

This Vulcan V550 is a hybrid blend of power, control, and variety that makes for exciting play. The elongated shape gives you more surface area to send your shot down the line. It also facilitates counter-top play. Moreover, its unique shape lets you place your body weight on the backhand side of your paddle for excellent balance.

Thus making it easier to hit the ball in any direction with extreme accuracy. It has a sweet spot positioned above the mid-point of the paddle face and makes for a comfortable playing experience. The Vulcan Max Control grip on the handle ensures safe play while maintaining consistency in hand placement throughout your shots.

The polypropylene core features a carbon fiber V-Skin surface that allows for maximum responsiveness combined with increased durability. In addition, thanks to its core and surface, players enjoy the game even in warm weather conditions. Better grip improves balance and gives you the confidence to attack your opponent on serve and volley.


  • Large sweet spot
  • It gives a perfect spin
  • You can control it easily
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Attractive design


  • Fragile paddle

Things to Consider?

Right after the review section here, we have pulled certain elements deemed necessary to consider. Why are they considered necessary? Due to the fact that with the help of these features, you will be able to purchase one of the best elongated pickleball paddles for yourself or for your loved ones.


Handling of your paddles is dependent on two types. Short and long.


The short handle measures 4 inches long. Some prefer shorthand paddles so that they can enjoy a firm grip.


The long handle measures 5 inches. On the contrary to shorthand paddles long, handle paddles offer the best gaming experience thanks to the proper grip. Players prefer to place their fingers on the back face of the paddle for maximum control.


This is a crucial aspect in selecting a perfect paddle for your game. The shape of the paddle determines its features, such as control, grip, accuracy, acceleration, and durability. Multiple shape paddles are available, and they depend entirely on the player’s will and the style with which each player prefers to play his or her game.


Another essential factor that needs to be considered. And as mentioned in the grip section, it also depends upon the players’ will and gameplay. Some players prefer to play with heavy and some with lightweight. On the contrary, it has been observed that lightweight paddles sometimes offer less control. This you need to consider while you are on your shopping spree.


In the early days, pickleball paddles were made with wood. But as time changes, the material being used in them. Now pickleball paddles are made with materials such as composite, graphite, and polypropylene. With these materials, pickleball paddles are light, durable, and allow more control for the players. 


The most important aspect of pickleball paddles is the grip. Professional players prefer to have ergonomic grips. Grips play a vital role in providing extra cushion and comfort to the players during the gameplay. No one can recommend you the grip size. You need to take the paddle in your hands and check for yourself which paddles suits your hand and provide you with comfort.


Some players don’t like to have noise of the ball when they come in contact with the paddle. For this, the best option would be to purchase a polypropylene paddle. The foam that comes with it provides players with the best gaming experience and noise reduction features.


The durability of pickleball paddles depends on the finishing touches. Finishing is the core element in determining these paddles’ quality and overall performance. Alternatively, the price tag with these attributes increases as you go upper on the level. 

Skill level

Selecting criteria for a pickleball paddle varies among players. Some likes to have heavy paddles as they provide them with additional control and durability. On the other hand, some prefer lightweight as they want their body to be free from any strain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is the best elongated pickleball paddles?

According to what we have reviewed and observed, we have managed to bring you the three best elongated paddles, and these are

  • Gearbox CX14H Pickleball Paddle is the best overall
  • ONIX Summit C1 Budget-friendly
  • Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle Runner up
  • Are elongated pickleball paddles better?

Elongated paddles can be better explained as they offer lesser width and extended length. With these features, the reach is crucial while striking the ball. Above all, almost all professional players love to play with elongated pickleball paddles due to their characteristics.

  • Who should use an elongated pickleball paddle?

These elongated pickleball paddles are used by skilled and professional players. The preference of the professional players towards these pickleball paddles is due to the reach and power being provided by these paddles to them. 

  • Are elongated pickleball paddles legal?

Elongated pickleball paddles are legal. Paddles with lengths over 17 inches are not allowed. These elongated paddles come with a length of 16 inches. Now coming on to the weight, the recommended weight must not exceed 8.5oz and never goes above 8.5 oz or under 7.5 oz.

  • Which pickleball paddle shape is best?

Elongated Shape Pickleball Paddles are considered perfect for playing by professional players. It is due to the fact that they provide a more whippy feel. The sweet spot is way down towards the head.

  • Is a thicker pickleball paddle better?

Thicker pickleball paddles are preferred paddles among players. The thickness of the paddles is derived from the core, which gives more control. Fiberglass is used in the paddle, which provides you with more power. Thus making them the ultimate choice for the players.

  • Are graphite pickleball paddles better?

Serious and professional players prefer playing with paddles that consist of graphite. This is due to the fact that they provide extra strength, are lightweight, they are fast, and allow the players to take instant action upon the changing dynamics of the game.


These Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles are the perfect source for indoor enjoyment gaming. They are better considered sturdy, lightweight, and durable at the same time. Allowing the players to have fun with their family members and friends. The materials being used in them vary from wood to graphite. And due to their construction materials, they compete with others in the market.

The price tag attached to these paddles varies depending on the features and specifications with which they come. As we have discussed in detail, some are grip, handling, shape, weight, and sound. In the review section, we tried to bring you the most featured elements of these paddles that will make you better understand the composition and enjoy the best gaming experience.

Here are the ultimate choice for our readers.

  • Gearbox CX14H Pickleball Paddle  – Best Pickleball paddle Overall
  • ONIX Summit C1 – Budget-friendly Pickleball Paddle
  • Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle – Runner-up Pickleball Paddle
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