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Pickleball Tips For Advanced Players

As an experienced pickleball player, you have already learned the basic skills of the game and now want to improve further. Whether competing in tournaments or simply wanting to improve the gameplay, several pickleball tips for advanced players can help you excel on the court.

As a relatively new game, pickleball may seem simple to pick up. However, as players advance in their skills, they may come across novel challenges and strategies that require mastery. Advanced players must refine their techniques and cultivate a thorough understanding of the game.

Pickleball Tips For Advanced Players

In this article, I will present advanced pickleball tips to assist proficient players in elevating their game to new heights. From shot selection to positioning and strategy, everything will be covered. So, if you are ready to elevate your pickleball game and dominate your opponents, keep reading for expert advice and insider tips.

Advanced Pickleball Techniques

Following are some of the pickleball tips for advanced players that can enhance their performance on the court.

1.  Master Your Serve

Advanced Pickleball Techniques

A strong serve is vital for you to beat your competition. As an advanced player, focus on developing a consistent and powerful serve. Practice different types of serves, such as the drop serve, drive serve, and lob serve, to confuse your adversaries. Remember, a well-executed serve sets the tone for the entire point.

2.  Improve Your Third Shot Drop

In pickleball, the third shot drop is an essential move that enables you to recover the upper hand. As an advanced player, work on perfecting your third shot.

Improve Your Third Shot Drop

It entails taking a delicate shot that passes just over the net, forcing your adversaries to strike upward and allowing your team to move to the net. Practice this shot extensively to improve accuracy and control.

3.  Perfecting the Dink Shot

Perfecting the Dink Shot

The dink shot is a soft, low shot that lands within a few feet of the net. Proficient players must attain mastery of this technique to govern the pace of the game and craft opportunities in the adversary’s defense. Focus on maintaining a relaxed grip and a soft touch to execute dinks effectively.

4.  Utilizing Spin

Spin in Pickleball

Adding spin to your shots can have a considerable impact on the ball’s bounce and trajectory. Experiment with topspin and backspin to keep your opponents guessing and add variety to your game. However, practice is essential to ensure you maintain control over the spin.

5.  Utilize the Cross-Court Shot

The cross-court shot is a powerful weapon in an advanced player’s arsenal. By striking the ball diagonally across the court, you can generate angles and compel your opponent to lose their position.

Utilize the Cross-Court Shot

Practice hitting precise cross-court shots, aiming for the sidelines, to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. This shot can open up the court and create opportunities for winners.

6.  Improve Footwork and Positioning

Footwork and positioning are crucial aspects of pickleball, especially for advanced players. Focus on moving efficiently on the court, positioning yourself optimally to cover the most significant area, and anticipating your opponent’s shots to gain an edge.

7.  Mastering the Lob

Mastering the Lob

The lob is an effective defensive shot that may be employed to regain position while exerting pressure on your opponents. Advanced players should learn to execute lobs accurately and strategically to catch opponents off guard and gain an advantage in the game.

8.   Work on Shot Placement

Rather than relying solely on power, advanced players should focus on shot placement. Target the corners of the court and aim for areas where your opponents are less likely to return the ball effectively.

9.   Play with Strategy

In advanced pickleball, strategic thinking can give you the upper hand. Develop a game plan before each match and adapt it as necessary. Scrutinize your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your shots and tactics accordingly.

Play with Strategy

Consider employing a mix of power shots, dinks, drop shots, and lobs to throw your opponents off-balance . Varying your shots will make it harder for your opponents to predict and counter your game.

10.  Maintain Composure under Pressure

In competitive games, maintaining composure is vital. Advanced players must acquire the skill of maintaining focus, even amidst high-pressure situations. Develop mental strategies to handle stress and make better decisions during crucial points.

11.   Master the Poach

The poach is a technique where one player crosses the centerline to intercept the opponent’s shot. Coordinate with your partner to surprise your opponents and control the internet. Communication and timing are key when attempting a successful poach.

12.  Stay Fit and Injury-Free

Stay Fit

To excel in pickleball, it is essential to maintain overall fitness and prevent injuries. Incorporate strength training, flexibility exercises, and proper warm-ups into your routine to stay in top shape.

13.  Anticipate and Adapt

Great pickleball players can anticipate their opponent’s shots and adjust their positioning accordingly. Practice reading the game and be ready to modify your strategy as the match unfolds.

14.  Play Mind Games

Play Mind Games

Pickleball encompasses not only physical prowess but also constitutes a mental game. Advanced players should learn to read their opponents and employ mind games to gain an edge. Maintain your opponent unbalanced by switching up the shots and pacing.

15.  Evaluate and Learn from Matches

Pickleball Techniques

16.  Develop a Winning Mindset

Believe in yourself and develop a winning attitude. Confidence and positive thinking can significantly affect your performance on the court.


Becoming an advanced pickleball player requires dedication, practice, and a desire to constantly get better. By following the above-mentioned pickleball tips for advanced players, you will elevate your pickleball skills and become a formidable player. Remember, practice makes perfect, so dedicate time to refine your skills and seek out opportunities to compete against strong players.

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