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How To Choose a Pickleball Ball

Pickleball is a fast-paced, paddle sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. One of the most important pieces of equipment for pickleball is the ball. How to choose the pickleball ball can make a big difference in your game, helping you control the ball better, hit harder shots, and last longer.

Here are all possible and detailed steps to follow that are helpful in How to choose a pickleball ball.

Types of Pickleball Ball

Indoor and outdoor pickleball are the two main types available. Outdoor balls travel further and are faster than indoor balls, but indoor balls are slower and easier to control. Depending on your level of expertise, the playing surface, and the weather, the best kind of ball for you will vary.

Outdoor Ball in Pickleball

Choosing an indoor ball is a good idea if you’re just starting out. Because indoor balls are simpler to control, you’ll have more time to react to them and make more accurate shots. You can switch to an outdoor ball as your skill level increases.

The pickleball used in outdoor games are made to move more quickly and far than those used in indoor games. They are made of a harder plastic and have smaller holes. They become more windand weather-resistant as a result. For skilled players who want to play in different environments, outdoor pickleball are a good option.

1. Smaller Holes:

 Pickleball balls used outdoors have fewer holes compared to those used indoors. The ball becomes denser as a result, contributing to its increased speed. Additionally, the smaller holes make it more challenging for air to pass through the ball, which prevents the ball from slowing down as it flies through the air.

2. Harder Plastic:

Pickleball balls used outdoors are made of a harder plastic than those used indoors. This increases the ball’s resistance to deformation, which also contributes to its increased speed.

3. Wind Resistance:

Pickleball balls used outdoors are more wind-resistant than those used indoors. This is because the ball is less susceptible to wind because of the smaller holes and harder plastic.

4. Long Travel Distance:

Outdoor pickleball players may find it easier to hit winners from the baseline because pickleball balls travel farther outdoors than they do indoors.

Indoor Ball

A ball made for outdoor play should be selected if you are playing on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt. Outdoor balls are more wind- and weather-resistant, which is beneficial on hard surfaces. You can select an indoor ball if you’re playing on a softer surface like wood or carpet.

Pickleball balls for indoor courts are made to move more slowly and be simpler to control than those for courts outside. They are made of softer plastic and have bigger holes. On indoor courts, they are less likely to bounce out of bounds because of this. For newcomers and players who want to concentrate on honing their technique, indoor pickleball are a good option.

1. Slow Speed:

Pickleball balls in indoor courts move more slowly than those in outdoor courts. Beginners and players still honing their skills have more time to react to the ball and make contact with it as a result.

2. Larger Holes:

Pickleball balls used indoors have pore sizes that are greater than those used outdoors. The ball becomes less dense as a result, which also causes it to move more slowly. Beginners and players who are still honing their skills can grip the ball more easily thanks to the bigger holes.

3. Softer Plastic:

A softer plastic is used to make indoor pickleball balls. It can be advantageous for newcomers and players who are still honing their techniques because it makes the ball more forgiving on mishit.

4.Consistent bounce:

Pickleball balls bounce more consistently indoors than they do outdoors, which can help players improve their accuracy and consistency when hitting the ball.

5. Longer lifespan:

Pickleball balls used indoors typically last longer than those used outdoors, saving you money over time.

Switching to an outdoor pickleball may be desired as players gain experience. For players who want to hit harder shots and reach balls that are farther away, the faster and farther-traveling outdoor pickleball balls can be useful. Pickleball balls used in outdoor settings, however, can be trickier for newcomers and players honing their techniques to control.

In how to choose a pickleball ball, here’s so important to learn about indoor ball and outdoor ball. Now, turn to another important step.

How to Choose the Right Pickleball Ball for You

Taking into account your level of expertise, the court you are playing on, and the weather is the best way to select the ideal pickleball ball for you.

1. Skill level:

If you are a beginner, you should pick an indoor pickleball ball. The ball will be easier to control and you’ll have more time to react to it as a result. You can switch to an outdoor pickleball as you gain experience.

2. Surface:

Indoor courts require indoor pickleball balls, while outdoor courts require outdoor pickleball balls. A pickleball made for outdoor use should be used if you are playing on a hard surface, such as concrete or asphalt. Pick an indoor pickleball if you are playing on a softer surface, like wood or carpet.

3.Weather Conditions:

 If it’s windy outside when you’re playing pickleball, you should select a ball with smaller holes. The ball will travel further and experience less wind resistance as a result of this.

What pickleball ball is used in tournaments?

Depending on the type of competition, different pickleball are used. The Gamma X-40 is the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) approved ball for indoor competitions. It is a ball that moves more slowly and has bigger holes, making it simpler for newcomers and players to control.

The Dura Fast 40 is the USAPA-approved ball for outdoor competitions. The ball is more difficult to control but gives players more power because it moves faster and has smaller holes.

The Gamma X-40 and Dura Fast 40 are the most widely used balls, although the USAPA has approved the use of other balls for competition.

The pickleball that have been approved for use in competitions are listed in the following table.

Gamma X-40IndoorSlowLarge
Dura Fast 40OutdoorFastSmall
Penn Pickleball 40+Indoor/OutdoorMediumMedium
Onix Pickleball 40+Indoor/OutdoorMediumMedium

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some additional criteria to take into account when selecting a pickleball?

Brand, cost, and durability are the three main criteria to consider when selecting a pickleball.

How often should I buy new pickleball?

When pickleball balls begin to lose their bounce, you should replace them. Typically, this happens after using the product for about six months.


For you to get better at pickleball, selecting the right ball is crucial. Now, you’ll be able to choose the right ball after studying the How to choose a pickleball ball.You can select the best ball for you by taking into account your level of expertise, the surface you are playing on, and the weather. A good pickleball will provide better bounce, be easier to control, and last longer.

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