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Best Rated Pickleball Paddle-Most Popular Pickleball Paddle

Some people think the product quality increase as the price increase and high-priced products are always supreme in quality. Conversely, the cheap products always lack quality and do not reliable and long-lasting.Though up to some extent it is true, however, mainly product quality depends upon the manufacturing materials and some other key features. Similarly, in pickleball paddles, there are some key features that describe which one is the best rated pickleball paddle.

In the case of pickleball paddles one should keep in mind pickleball face and core materials, weight, smashing power, hitting area, spin, grip quality, pickleball stability, and most importantly its durability. The perfect combination of all the above features produces a high-quality pickleball paddle.

Importantly, we consider all the above specifications before adding any product to our list. That’s why one surely finds the top-notch product at a reasonable price after going through this review. So, just pick the one best fits you and enjoy the unlimited thrill.

Top 8 Best Rated Pickleball Paddle

Following are the top 8 best-rated pickleball paddles, read the reviews and choose the best one according to your requirements.

Image Product Details   Price
Untitled-design-51-1 GAMMA Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddle Material

‎Voltage 2.0

Item Dimensions
‎16 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches
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backpac Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle Material

‎Pro Player – Black
Check Price
backpac Head Extreme Elite Fiberglass Paddle Material
Fiberglass, Honeycomb


Item Dimensions
‎16.14 x 7.87 x 1.57 inches
Check Price
backpac GAMMA Sports NeuCore Pickleball Paddle Material


Item Dimensions
‎16.13 x 7.63 x 0.63 inches
Check Price
backpac Onix Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle Material

‎Blue – Standard Weight
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backpac Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle


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backpac SLK Evo Hybrid & Soft Pickleball Paddles

Item Package Dimensions
‎16.5 x 12.83 x 1.81 inches

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backpac Gamma Typhoon Pickleball Paddles Material

‎Typhoon Blue/Yellow

Item Dimensions
‎16.13 x 7.63 x 0.63 inches
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1-Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddle:

It does not matter whether you are men or woman, young or old, this pickleball paddle from Gamma is perfect for you. Interestingly, it comes in various colors to boost the player’s mod and gives him multiple options to choose the best.

GAMMA Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball paddle is one of the powerful products that provide amazing hitting power with great stability. Moreover, because of its lightweight one can play for a whole day without any fatigue.

This only 7.6 ounces weight paddle is made with fine quality graphite material. Furthermore, a texture graphite face gives more power, control, and durability. Because of its large sweet spot, phenomenal power, and extraordinary stability, this is good for both beginners and experts.

Besides, its wide face allows you to pull away balls easily without too much arm extension. Most importantly, it is tested and approved by USAPA as well. Another important thing is the grip size and quality that decide how comfortable is a specific paddle.

Luckily Gamma 2.0 comes with a 4 inches honeycomb grip that is easy to fit into the palm. Along with that, its grip has a sweat-absorbing ability that makes it cozy for a long pickleball game. 

Lastly, this best-value pickleball paddle is equally useful for all skill levels and players of all ages. Considering all of its features, we add this Gamma product to our list.

Key Specifications:

Brand: Gamma

Weight: 7.6 ounces

Dimensions: 16 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches

Material: Graphite


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Good smashing power and control
  • Sweat absorbing grip
  • USAPA Approved
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Good for all ages and skills


  • A bit expensive
  • Not recommended for tournaments

2-Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle:

This highly-rated product is designed by Pickleball Pro Aspen kern and manufactured by one of the exciting brands Franklin Sports. Surely, it is one of the top products in the world of pickleball paddles.

Franklin Sports Pro Pickleball Paddle

First of all, this fine pickleball paddle embeds in a high-quality carbon fiber face. It not only reduces the paddle weight but also provides great balance and control. Furthermore, it also produces unbelievable speed and spins to deceive the opponent on the tournament’s court. Due to this, it is approved by USAPA for competitions and tournaments.

Therefore this best-rated pickleball paddle is highly recommended for high-level competitions and tournaments. Moreover, it has a 13mm polypropylene core that gives a large sweet spot and also makes it durable. So, if you want for long time investment in a paddle then this is for you.

Most importantly, it comes with a unique MaxGrit surface coating to enhance the spin and precision. This amazing feature allows one to compete with his opponent and win games easily.

Franklin Sports Pro handle and grip size is best to hold the paddle easily without feeling any hand ache or stress. Its comfortable cushioned grip also provides extra balance and stability. However, this top-rated pickleball paddle is only perfect for professionals, beginners may find some issues while playing with it.

Key Specifications:

Brand: Franklin Sports

Weight: 7.5 to 7.8 ounces

Dimensions: 16.5 x 7.5 x 1.4 inches

Material: Polypropylene


  • Amazing spin and control
  • Incredible smashing power
  • Large sweet spot
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Best for competition and tournaments
  • Good for professionals
  • Lightweight


  • Not good for beginners
  • Demand great precision in shots

3-Head Extreme Elite Fiberglass Paddle:

As you know Head always brings some new products to the market and Head Extreme Elite Paddle is one of them. Its eye-catching design like a diamond attracts the player at the very first look.

Head Extreme Elite Fiberglass Paddle

Asides from good looking its unique diamond shape give more control while smashing the ball hard. So, one can produce heavy smashes to make it tough for the opponent. Moreover, the great combination of fiberglass and honeycomb provides stiffness and durability.

Furthermore, these materials help in reducing the access weight and make the paddle lightweight. Along with being lightweight and durable, it has a fiberglass hitting surface that not only enhances the paddle but also provides a large sweet spot.

As a professional everyone wants to win high competition and tournaments. For this, one needs expressive hitting power with the extreme spin ability with stunning control. This Head Fiberglass will provide all the above features to make you a champion. 

The structure, quality, and size of this Head paddle grip are just perfect to provide extra comfort and stability. Players mostly love this pickleball paddle because of its specially formulated comfort grip. After analyzing all of its superb features, we add this to our list.

Key Specifications:

Brand: HEAD

Weight: 7.8 ounces

Dimensions: 16.14 x 7.87 x 1.57 inches

Material: Fiberglass, Honeycomb


  • Extreme spin
  • Powerful hitting with great control
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Large sweet spot
  • Come with an ultra-comfort grip
  • Low-price


  • Only good for adults
  • Not recommended for professionals

4-Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle:

Although there are plenty of paddles from Gamma available on the market no one can beat Gamma NeuCore Pickleball Paddle in performance and control. So, if you are looking for a lightweight racquet that can perform like a rocket then this will be the best pick for you.

Best value pickleball paddle

The thrilling unique Gamma design not only energizes the player with its look but also produces the extraordinary power to smash the ball. Additionally, its large graphite face gives the oversize sweet spot to control the ball by reducing its impact.

Most Importantly, this Gamma Pickleball Paddle uses NeuCore Technology and comes with a thicker and large cell core that gives extra comfort. Furthermore, it comes with texture graphite hitting surface that provides amazing control and also reduces the paddle weight.

As you know grip size and quality are major issues in some paddles but this outstanding product never disappoints you in grip performance as well. This most popular pickleball paddle is equipped with a perfectly designed signature honeycomb cushion grip to give extra comfort. 

So, this ergonomic handle will provide enough power with great control to overcome the opponent. Professionals love this because of its power and stability while playing in big games and tournaments. If you are a pro then this USAPA-approved paddle is highly recommended.

Key Specifications:

Brand: Gamma

Weight: 7.6 ounces

Dimensions: Graphite

Material: 16.13 x 7.63 x 0.63 inches


  • Great hitting power
  • Texture graphite hitting surface
  • Lightweight and Responsive
  • Comfortable cushioned grip
  • Oversize sweet spot


  • Expensive 
  • Not good for fresh players

5-Onix Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle:

No one can design a paddle better than the pro players of the game. The players like Matt Wright and Lucy Kovalova are behind this real masterpiece from Onix Evoke Premier. The legends of the game design it to perfection in power and precision. That’s this best rated pickleball paddle is becoming popular among the players.

Onix Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle

Most importantly, it comes in three different weights to give more options while selecting one. If you are looking for a fast paddle that comes with great speed and agility to smash the ball then this lightweight is the right option. For those who are looking for control along with paddle speed medium weight paddle is highly recommended for them.

On the other hand, if you believe in the power with great control then you should lift a heavy-weight paddle. Moreover, the use of Atomic 13 edge technology made this high price pickleball paddle more valuable. This technology enhances the power and swing speed dramatically and made this paddle more powerful.

Asides from power and control, this magic product is designed to produce phenomenal spin with amazing stability. Furthermore, this pickleball paddle is wide enough to maximize the range and allows you to play in any direction without too much stretching.

Additionally, the use of a precision-cut polypropylene core provides incredible touch and power without losing paddle balance. All the above exciting features suggest this is one of the finest pickleball paddles. That’s why we add this to our list.

Key Specifications:

Brand: Onix

Weight: 7.5 to 8.5 ounces

Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 1 inches

Material: Polypropylene


  • Available in different weights
  • Designed to power and precision
  • Wide face
  • Atomic 13 edge technology
  • Come with great speed
  • Superb balance


  • A bit expensive
  • The grip is not up to the mark

6-Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle:

If you are looking for a powerful and accurate paddle with supreme control and spin then Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is surely the right choice for you. Though I used many products from Paddletek and always found these products brilliant. But no one from Paddletek can beat this masterpiece in precision and control.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle

This best rated pickleball paddle is specially designed for the professionals of the game. That’s why it produces stunning power behind the shot without too much effort. Along with extreme hitting power, its accuracy is unbelievable and it places the ball exactly where you want to hit it.

This high-performing pickleball paddle features smart response technology that produces explosive power behind smash. Apart from lightning speed, the texture graphite surface provides superb control to dominate the game.

Because of its high performance, accuracy, control, and spin this paddle is often seen in tournaments and heavy competitions. As a professional, I also love this product from paddletek and often use this at the highest levels of play.

Another good thing about this product is its lightweight. Unlikely many high-performance heavy products this one is only 7.6-8 oz. Therefore many young professionals love this paddle and enjoy playing a game with this. Moreover, the perfect grip size and high-quality edge guard made this highly efficient and comfortable. In the end, I would say this is one of the best-value pickleball paddles I used. Therefore I also add this one to our list of top-rated products.

Key Specifications:

Brand: Pddletek

Weight: 7.6 to 7.8 ounces

Material: Graphite

Specialty: Pinpoint accuracy


  • Power and accuracy
  • Great spin and control
  • Lightweight and Reliable
  • Designed for high competitions
  • Good for Professionals
  • The large consistent sweet spot


  • Edge guard may cause damaging
  • Not good for beginners

7-SLK Evo Hybrid & Soft Pickleball Paddles:

The most versatile paddle in our list of best rated pickleball paddles is SLK Evo Hybrid Pickleball Paddle. It comes with all the essential features that make the paddle outstanding. So, it does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro this product from Selkirk Sport is the best.

SLK Evo Hybrid & Soft Pickleball Paddles

SLK Evo Hybrid is just a real example of power and control. This exciting paddle comes with the C6 power fiberglass face that gives astonishing power with supreme control. Furthermore, its large sweet spot produces a great spin with exceptional balance.

Additionally, the use of polymer rev-core gives extra control while playing responsive smashes. The best thing about this masterpiece is its power and control along with comfort. The perfect combination of power, control, and comfort level made this product more valuable.

Another important factor that counts much in paddles is the weight of the product. Importantly, these paddles come in a medium weight of 7.6 to 8 oz. That’s why these are equally useful for players of all skills, and ages. Moreover, it is comfortable for both men and women and good for indoor and outdoor games.

This Evo Hybrid has a comfortable cushioned grip that allows players to enjoy the long game without feeling any discomfort. Furthermore, this perfect-size grip comes with perspiration-absorbing technology that makes this paddle more reliable.

Lastly, like others Selkirk products Evo Hybrid is also tested and approved by USAPA. So, you can pick this pickleball paddle 2022 without bothering about the quality and efficiency.

Key Specifications:

Brand: Selkirk Sport

Weight: 7.6 to 8 oz

Material: Polymer


  • Exceptional balance
  • Incredible power and control
  • Ultra-comfort grip
  • Polymer rev-core
  • Good for all skill levels
  • USAPA Approved


  • Spinning ability is not perfect

8-Gamma Typhoon Pickleball Paddles-Best Rated Pickleball Paddle

Here is another exciting product from Gamma that is particularly famous for its large typhoon sweet spot. Gamma Typhoon Pickleball Paddle is one of the most powerful pickleball paddles available on the market. Its unique and energetic outlook boosts the player mod dramatically.

High price pickleball paddle

We decided to add this one to our list of top-rated pickleball paddles after enjoying games with its power and control. Most Importantly, it has an oversized face that further enhances power along with a control.

As a professional one always looking for a spin to deceive the opponent and this one come with an amazing spin ability. That’s why it is widely accepted and used at the highest playing levels and often seen in tournaments.

This Gamma NeuCore comes with a 25% thicker large-cell core to provide a responsive feel while playing. Besides, it is equipped with the texture composite fiberglass hitting surface to give extraordinary control.

Furthermore, there is an ultra-comfort cushioned grip that not only increases the power but also gives comfort. Moreover, its ergonomic handles also provide extra comfort while hitting the ball in a different direction.

The use of composite material makes this paddle more reliable and efficient. If you are looking for a versatile and durable paddle then this Gamma Typhoon is the right one for you. 

Key Specifications:

Brand: Gamma

Weight: 7.75 ounces

Dimensions: 16.13 x 7.63 x 0.63 inches

Material: Composite


  • Durable and efficient
  • Amazing power and control
  • Oversized Typhoon sweet spot
  • Good for tournaments
  • The composite fiberglass hitting surface
  • Thicker and large cell-core


  • Only good for professionals

Difference Between Pickleball and Paddle Tennis:

Although both games are totally different from each other with a few similarities between them. However, the use of paddles in both creates a lot of confusion in the player’s minds. That’s why people often asked about the difference between Pickleball and Paddle Tennis.

Pickleball paddle begins in 1965 summer at Bainbridge Island not far away from Washington. While the Paddle Tennis was introduced in New York playgrounds by one of the New York City Official named Frank P.Beal in the early 1920s. Though, he had already played this game in his childhood in Mich.

Now moving forward to the technical differences and rules of the games. First of all, the ball used in Paddle Tennis is made from soft rubber, and in Pickleball Paddle is made from plastic and has small holes in it. Because of this difference, the techniques used in both games are also different.

Secondly, there are differences in the courts of the Pickleball Paddle and Paddle Tennis as well. In Pickleball there is an extended area on the sides of the net which is called the “Kitchen”. This kitchen area is considered a non-volley area and doesn’t allow to play the ball here.

Moreover, both games have different scoring rules. In Paddle Tennis scoring is similar to Tennis like 15,30, and 40 points so on. While in Pickleball Paddle the player needs to score 11 points with the lead of 2 points to win. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are the most expensive Pickleball Paddles worth it?

Though up to some extent it is acceptable that costly pickleball paddles are high in quality and performance as well. However, the price of the product does not reflect its performance completely. 

In pickleball paddles, there are some factors like product weight, dimensions, material, grip quality, etc. represent the quality of the paddles. 

  • What Pickleball Paddle does Matt Wright use?

The legend of the game Matt Wright and his partner in mix Lucy Kovalova use Onix Evoke Premier. Interestingly, this Masterpiece is also designed by these two professionals. That’s why this product is highly recommended for those professionals who are looking for accuracy and power.

  • What is the most powerful pickleball paddle?

All the paddles in our list have amazing power with great control. However, the most powerful one is the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro. It provides unbelievable power along with pinpoint accuracy and most of the players love it.

  • Is fiberglass or graphite better for Pickleball?

It depends on your preference whether you are looking for power or control. If you are looking for power then fiberglass is good. It is a bit heavier than graphite but extremely powerful.

On the other hand, graphite is lighter in weight and provides more control while playing. So, you can pick the one best suited you.

Bottom Line:

Best rated pickleball paddle does not mean the expensive one. Rather the paddle features and specifications describe how effective is the specific paddle. Before composing this list we tested a number of paddles from all the famous brands Onix, Gamma, Selkirk Sport, Paddletek, Head, etc.

After analyzing plenty of paddles carefully we found above paddles are not only powerful but also precise. Furthermore, all the paddles on our list come with supreme control and spin. Therefore after going through this review you surely pick the best one for you.

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