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How To Measure Grip Size for a Pickleball Paddle

Choosing the correct grip size for your pickleball paddle is very important. If the grip is too small, your hand might get uncomfortable and tired quickly. But if it’s too big, controlling the paddle and hitting the ball accurately could be tough. So, finding the right grip size that feels just right for your hand helps you play comfortably and perform at your best on the court.

In this article, we’ll discover how to measure grip size for a pickleball paddle accurately. Let’s delve into the following steps to ensure a perfect fit:

Material for Measuring Grip Size

2. Warm Up

It is important to warm up your hand before measuring your grip size. This is because your hand will be smaller when it is cold. You can perform simple movements to warm up your hand, including

  • Wrist circles
  • Finger stretches
  • Hand clenches and releases
Warm Up

You can also simply shake your hand for a few minutes.

3. Get a Grip

Get a Grip

Once you have done your warm-up, you need to get a grip on the paddle. Hold the paddle with your dominant hand in a forehand grip. This means that your palm should be on the face of the paddle, and your fingers must be wrapped around the grip.

4. Position the Paddle

The next step is to position the paddle in your hand as if you were going to play. This indicates that you should use a forehand grip to grasp the paddle in your dominant hand. Your fingers should be around the grip while your palm should be on the paddle’s face.

Position the Paddle

The paddle should be comfortable to hold. You should be able to move your hand and fingers freely without any pain or discomfort. If the paddle is too small, your hand will feel cramped. If the paddle is too large, you will have trouble controlling it.

5. Find the Starting Point

The next step is to find the starting point for your measurement. The initial point is the end of the handle, where it meets the paddle face. You can find the start point by looking for the small indentation or groove in the handle. Place the end of the measuring tape or ruler there once you have located the starting point. Be certain the scale or measuring instrument is perpendicular to the paddle face. Now, move on to the next step: how to measure pickleball paddle grip size.

6. Measure Length

You must determine the distance between two spots on the handle to calculate the length of the grip. The first point is the bottom end of the handle, where it meets the blade or shaft. The second point is the top of the handle, just below where your fingers would stop when you held it. You can use a measuring scale to find this distance or the length.

Measure Length

To do this, your friend can hold the ruler or measuring tape in place against the bottom lateral crease of your palm. You should extend your ring finger so that the tip of the finger is at the very end of the ruler or measuring tape. This measurement will be your pickleball grip size.

If you are not sure what grip size is right for you, you can try out different grip sizes before you buy a paddle. Your hand size, the type of paddle you are using, and your personal preferences can all affect the size of your grip.

7. Record Measurements

Record Measurements

To record the measurement, you need to write down the number that shows the length of the grip. Depending on your desire, you can choose to measure in millimeters or inches. For example, if the length of the grip is 12 centimeters, you can write it as 120 millimeters, or 4.72 inches. You may have a counting instrument or a conversion tool to convert between units.

8. Calculate the Average

Calculate the Average Measurements

To calculate the average, you need to add the two standard grip sizes that are closest to your measurement and divide the sum by two. This will give you the average of the two sizes, which is your ideal grip size. For example, if your measurement is 4.8 inches and the standard grip sizes are 4.5 inches (small) and 5 inches (medium), you can calculate the average as (4.5 + 5) / 2 = 4.75 inches. This is your ideal grip size.

9. Consider your playing style

Consider your playing style

A smaller grip allows you to maneuver the paddle more easily and make quick adjustments, which can improve your accuracy and placement. A larger grip gives you more leverage and stability, which can increase your swing speed and force. You should choose the grip size that matches your playing style and preferences.

10. Test your Comfort Level

To test the comfort, you need to try holding the paddle with the calculated grip size and see how it feels in your hand. You should check if the grip is too tight or too loose, too thick or too thin, too rough or too smooth. You should also check if the paddle is well-balanced and easy to swing.

 The grip must feel safe and pleasant in your hand, without causing any pain or discomfort. You can also try some practice swings and shots to see how the paddle performs.

11. Consult with Experts

If you are still unsure about what grip size is right for you, you can consult with experienced pickleball players or professionals. They can help you assess your hand size and playing style and recommend a grip size that is right for you.

12. Make Your Choice

Once you have gathered all of the information, you need to make a decision on the grip size that feels the most comfortable and suits your playing style.

Remember, our objective is to learn how to measure grip size for the pickleball paddle that enhances your ease, command, and success on the pickleball court. Your decision should be a balance between the measured data and how the grip feels in practical play.


To ensure your comfort and performance on the court, measuring the grip size of your pickleball paddle is an essential step. You can effectively determine the optimal grip size for your hand and playing style by adhering to these precise instructions on how to measure grip size for a pickleball paddle. Keep in mind that a comfortable grip improves control, accuracy, and general gaming enjoyment. So, to improve your pickleball experience, take the time to measure and choose the ideal grip size.

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