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How To Clean a Pickleball Paddle?

Are you looking for ways to clean your pickleball paddle? If so, then in the following guide I have explained how to clean a pickleball paddle and what impact a well-maintained paddle can have on improving your game.

The pickleball paddle is the most important tool for any player in the pickleball sport. A good paddle in hand will make the game easy for you. Therefore, to increase the life of your paddle and to use it to its maximum potential, there must be proper and regular cleaning of the paddle.

Why it is important to clean the Pickleball Paddle?

The question that comes to the mind of every pickleball player is why there is a need for paddle cleaning. Well, the answer is obvious and will put more stress on the fact why paddle up keeping is necessary.

A pickleball paddle has a textured hitting surface that makes the ball spin when it hits the paddle. Along with the spin, the pickleball balls carry the dirt from the surface of the court that is attached to the paddle.

The dirt will remain stuck with the textured surface of the paddle if there is no regular paddle cleaning. Moreover, this dirt on the paddle’s surface can also make the paddle wear out sooner. A less textured surface means less spin of the ball and overall lower performance.

So one reason and probably the main reason for cleaning your pickleball paddle is to keep the surface of the paddle fully textured. This will allow you to hit balls with full force having a maximum spin.

How to Clean a Pickleball Paddle?

So how do you clean a pickleball paddle? Well, it is very easy to clean it. By adopting various cleaning ways and safety measures, you can make your paddle in a perfect shape that will last for a long time. Below are some of the few cleaning methods through which you can clean the pickleball paddle.

Hitting Surface Cleaning

In a pickleball paddle, all the focus lies on its hitting surface. It should be nice and clean and protected from any kind of dirt, stickiness, and roughness. There are numerous ways to clean the hitting surface of the paddle.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

One way to clean the paddle’s surface is using a Mr. Clean magic eraser. A method recommended by many senior pickleball players for cleaning the paddle.

Just gently apply the magic eraser on the paddle’s surface. It will clean all the dirt on the surface and make it fully textured. After cleaning the paddle, rub it clean with a moist cloth. Once all the water is absorbed, let the surface be able to dry.

Along with cleaning the main surface, make sure to wipe the dirt off on the edges of the paddle to prevent any damage to the edge guard.

Glass Cleaner

A glass cleaner can also be used for paddle cleaning with a combination of clean and slightly wet microfiber cloth. This is another method that is highly adopted by many players to clean their pickleball paddles.

In this cleaning method, glass cleaner is sprayed on the fiber cloth to rub it slightly on the hitting surface to clean the dirt. Remember that rubbing should be done gently to prevent any further damage to the paddle surface. Once the paddle is cleaned, allow it to dry.

Grip Cleaning

Just like surface cleaning, grip cleaning is also a part of paddle maintenance. To increase the life of the paddle it is best to make sure that the grip is neat and clean after every game. With all the dirt and sweat from your hands, the paddle’s grip can lose its firmness and you will notice that it will start to be worn down with time.

Therefore, to clean the grip use a damp cloth just like what you did with the paddle’s surface to wipe off all the dirt and then after some time dry it with a clean cloth. Once done with cleaning, you will feel a difference when your hands get in contact with a clean grip.

Storage of a Pickleball Paddle

Your paddle is your asset and it is your responsibility to take care of it especially when you are not playing. Pickleball paddles can severely be damaged when exposed to excessive heat temperature as well as extreme cold conditions.

Hence, it is important to store the paddles once you finished playing by properly covering them and not leaving them on the court under extreme temperatures.

It is said that never leave your paddle inside the car. The elements in your car could easily damage the quality of the paddle. So to get away from this unnecessary wear and tear, always make sure to bring the pickleball paddle back inside the house and then clean it properly. Soon you will see a clear difference in the performance of the paddle.


A pickleball paddle is the main stuff for any pickleball player. If you want to get successful in this sport, having a neat and clean paddle is an absolute must. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of your paddle will eventually increase its lifespan and so is your performance.

That is why in the above article, I have mentioned the methods of how to clean a pickleball paddle. I hope that you will get a clear idea of how regular cleaning and proper care will extend the life of your pickleball paddle. Now go out with your clean pickleball paddle and smash some balls.

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